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Town Border / Gate StationsTown Border / Gate StationsTown Border / Gate StationsTown Border / Gate StationsTown Border / Gate StationsTown Border / Gate StationsTown Border / Gate StationsTown Border / Gate Stations

Town Border / Gate Stations

City Gate Stations mark the point where natural gas leaves the transmission system and enters the distribution system.

Design and Engineering


  • 167,000 square foot dedicated manufacturing footprint within two facilities
  • 6 overhead cranes with capacity up to 12.5 tons
  • 21' x 15' blasting booth
  • 40' x 20' paint booth
  • 2 in-house quality assurance and testing laboratories
  • Indoor truck loading
  • 5,000 gallon re-circulatory pump test fluid system

Manufacturing Support

  • 3D modeling and engineering drawings
  • Optimization of manufacturing process and costs through design review
  • Quality assurance testing documentation
    • Material Test Data supplied for components and material (i.e. steel)
    • Non-destructive weld test results (third party available)
      • Radiographic (RT)
      • Ultrasonic (UT)
      • Dye Penetrant (PT)
      • Hydrostatic (Glycol/Water) 5,000 PSI max
      • Pressure (500 PSI max)

Production Advantage

As a company that has embraced Lean thinking, Lyall drives the cost out of the manufacturing process through continual production improvements that eliminate waste, acquiring the proper equipment and creating fixtures and work aids.  Repeatable processes improve the quality of the final product.


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Key Features

  • Units are fully customized based upon specific design requirements.
  • All units are shipped tested and ready to install.
  • Full CAD drawing available upon request.

Key Specifications

  • Units are available skid mounted for easy installation or mounted to pipe stands on concrete pilings.
  • Units can include the following components, all of which can be combined or separated as the design dictates: emergency shut-off valves, filter stations, regulator stations, meter stations, odorizers and heaters.