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Underground Steel VaultsUnderground Steel VaultsUnderground Steel VaultsUnderground Steel VaultsUnderground Steel VaultsUnderground Steel VaultsUnderground Steel VaultsUnderground Steel VaultsUnderground Steel Vaults

Underground Steel Vaults

Lyall vault systems provide durable containment and safe protection of regulator stations from environmental corrosive elements, providing ease of service for crews. Lockable feature prevents vandalism and/or unauthorized personnel from tampering with company equipment. Lighter weight provides installation cost savings versus concrete vaults. 

Design and Engineering

The vaults can be manufactured to meet your specific needs… single door, double door, standard size is 5’ Wide X 5’ long, however the Lyall in-house design and engineering team will work closely with you to fit the specification you require and can customize all aspects of the product so that the product you receive exceeds your expectations.

Product Quality Overview:
• ¼” Steel Plate Construction
• Channel and Angle Perimeter Support
• Structural Steel Base
• Epoxy Primer and Finish Interior
• Epoxy Tar Exterior
• Penta Head Locks to reduce Vandalism and Unauthorized Entry

Potential Cost Savings
• Manufactured in a controlled environment, consistency and uniformity of construction and
coating process.
• Metering and Controls installed during manufacturing process to save valuable field installation
time and labor.
• Designed to meet your specific application.


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Key Features

  • Steel-fabricated, aluminum-covered underground security vaults for medium- and large-size regulator stations.
  • Protects regulator set from snow and ice damage while lockable lid feature prevents vandalism and unauthorized tampering.
  • Factory-built by certified welders for consistent uniformity of construction.
  • Specified regulator set can be pre-installed for quality at Lyall’s controlled manufacturing environment.

Key Specifications

  • Standard Size: 5’ x 5’ x 7’ with Custom Sizes Available Upon Request
  • Walls: ¼” Plate ANSI 1020
  • Sub-Base: ½” x 5” Structural Steel
  • Support Beams: Removable Aluminum “H” Beam
  • Cover/Hinges: All Aluminum Construction, Gasket Covers
  • Flooring: Steel with (2) 2’ pieces of Aluminum Stair Tread and (2) 8” Sump Crocks
  • Coating: Sand-blasted Interior and Exterior, Sprayed Primer, Finish and Sealed Interior, Undercoat Sprayed Exterior