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Pig Launchers and ReceiversPig Launchers and ReceiversPig Launchers and ReceiversPig Launchers and ReceiversPig Launchers and ReceiversPig Launchers and ReceiversPig Launchers and ReceiversPig Launchers and ReceiversPig Launchers and ReceiversPig Launchers and Receivers

Pig Launchers and Receivers

Pipeline Inspection Gauges (Pigs) are used to perform a functions within a pipeline, such as cleaning, inspection and separating different types of fluids within the pipeline. Pig Launchers and Receivers are the entry and exit points of the pigs into and out of the pipeline.

Design and Engineering

Lyall's Pig Launchers and Receivers are custom designed and fabricated to meet the needs of the specific application. Launchers can be traditional horizontal fully skid mounted with all of the valves required for launching or receiving a pig or can be a simple barrel-only design that can be mounted to existing valves already installed on the pipeline. Our patent pending vertical launchers and receivers are designed with a smaller footprint that enables use of multiple units per wellhead.  All components and materials used in the fabrication of the pig launcher and receiver are fully customizable including valves, closures, signals, etc. To prevent costly problems, Lyall will create manufacturing drawings and CAD models of all components to catch potential dimensional problems before fabrication.


  • 167,000 square foot dedicated manufacturing footprint within two facilities
  • 6 overhead cranes with capacity up to 12.5 tons
  • 21' x 15' blasting booth
  • 40' x 20' paint booth
  • 2 in-house quality assurance and testing laboratories
  • Indoor truck loading
  • 5,000 gallon re-circulatory pump test fluid system

 Manufacturing Support

  • 3D modeling and engineering drawings
  • Optimization of manufacturing process and costs through design review
  • Quality assurance testing documentation
    • Material Test Data supplied for components and materials (i.e. steel)
    • Non-destructive weld test results (third party available)
      • Radiographic (RT)
      • Ultrasonic (UT)
      • Magnetic Particle (MT)
      • Dye Penetrant (PT)
      • Hydrostatic (Glycol/Water) 5,000 PSI max
      • Pressure (500 PSI max)

Production Advantage

As a company that embraces lean thinking, Lyall drives out the cost of manufacturing through continual production improvements to eliminate waste, acquiring the proper equipment and creating fixtures and work aids. Repeatable processes improve the quality of the final product.


Download Horizontal Launcher/Receiver Brochure

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                Download Lyall Pipeline Brochure

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Key Features

  • Designed primarily for gas gathering, mainline pipelines and oil & gas transmission.
  • Available as simple barrel launchers and receivers or complete skid-mounted units with associated equipment, such as actuated valves, quick-opening closures, instrumentation, signalers and control systems.

Key Specifications

  • Available in sizes 4” to 24” in traditional horizontal and our patent pending vertical configuration
  • Launchers, receivers and structural skids produced by API-1104 certified welders
  • Built and painted in a controlled environment
  • Standard materials include seamless API-5L X-42 pipe, unless otherwise specified by customer
  • Class 600 flanges
  • Balon® valves, unless otherwise specified by customer
  • Tested to meet DOT 49CFR192 regulations or to meet customer specifications
  • Material Test Reports (MTR) and Material Certificate Reports (MCR) included