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Prefabricated Metal Buildings

Lyall has joined forces with Parkline Building Systems to provide cost-effective modular gas transmission and distribution enclosures. Designed for flexibility, durability and code compliance, Parkline metal enclosures are known throughout the industry for their superior quality and construction integrity.

Gas Measurement

  • Chromatograph Buildings
  • Meter Houses
  • Analyzer Houses
  • Monitoring Stations and Telemetry Stations
  • Measurement & Regulation Buildings

Natural Gas

  • Compressor Stations
  • Auxiliary Buildings
  • Glycol Pump Buildings
  • Drum Storage Buildings

 Building Construction Options

  • Single, double and overhead doors
  • Fixed and operational windows
  • Openings, hatches, louvers and penetrations
  • Interior walls and ceilings; formed wall liners, drywall, plywood
  • Partition walls available with doors and windows
  • Minimum insulation rating of R13 in walls, ceilings and floors
  • Skid type; angular, tubular open bottom, full skid closed bottom

Available Widths: 32' maximum

Avaliable lengths: unlimited

Optional Interior Equipment

  • Interior and exterior lighting
  • HVAC
  • Electrical installed by licensed electricians meeting applicable local codes up to Class I Div I
  • Installation of pipe fabrication
  • Control, monitoring, metering and analyzing equipment installation and wiring

Standard Contruction Features

  • Meets snow, wind and live loads per applicable "Internationsl Building Code" published by Code Council
  • Fire hazard rating equal to Class 1 material as defined by Factory Mutual
  • Self-framing, nominal 24 gauge, embossed, factory painted 16" x 3" deep interlocking wall panels
  • Single slope, gable and canopy building styles available
  • Wall panel coating; standard white siliconized polyester with custom colors available
  • Galvanized steel roof panels conforming to ASTM A-792 specifications with galvanized coating conforming to G90 (1.25 oz. commercial) standards

Engineering documentation and approval drawings with spec sheets are available upon request

        Download the Brochure

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Key Features

  • Pre-Engineered and Custom Manufactured
  • Built On-Site or Pre-Assembled
  • Easily Expanded, Self-Framing