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Meter Set ValvesMeter Set ValvesMeter Set ValvesMeter Set ValvesMeter Set ValvesMeter Set Valves

Meter Set Valves

Reduce GHG Emissions, Reduce Costs, and Eliminate Leaks With Lyall’s Meter Set Valves

 LYCO® A9 Valves and LYCOSAVER® Bypass Valves are designed to make installation easy with minimal to no disruption to the customer.

 LYCO® A9 Valve 

LYCO® A9 Valves feature a one-piece, no-leak design perfect for retrofits. The positive open/close outlet valve reduces liability while the bypass port means service crews no longer have to access customers’ homes to relight appliances.

  • No Leak Points - reduces stray GHG emissions
  • Positive stops at full-port opening and shut-off
  • Eliminates the need for rubber bags during change-out, reducing GHG emissions

Key Specifications

  • One-piece 90° Meter Swivel Valve w/ 1” FPT Outlet
  • Zinc-plated
  • Meets or Exceeds ASME B16.33 and B16.44
  • Positive Lockout and Bypass Capabilities
  • Valve Body Machined from 1018 Bar Stock
  • Soft Seat Cylinder Design Requires No Lubrication
  • Available Options:
    • Meter Swivel Sizes #1 Sprague (1A), 10L, 20L, 30L and 1” Pittsburgh (EMCO)
    • Insulated unions in ¾” FPT and 1” FPT sizes
    • Outlet Connection in 1-1/4” FPT


              Download the Brochure                  The  A-9 Helps Reduce GHG Emissions

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LYCOSAVER® Bypass Valve

Residential Meter Sets featuring LYCOSAVER® bypass valves eliminate customer relight calls, and reduce the cost of future retrofitting, while allowing for uninterrupted service during repairs or change-outs. Plus, compared to other similar devices, LYCOSAVER® delivers the highest flow capacity with the least amount of pressure drop.

  • Improved safety and usage over conventional bypass line air-purge methods
  • Eliminates the need for rubber bags during change-outs

             LYCOSAVER Swivel_Cutaway 165 x 165.jpg


Key Specifications   

  • Meets applicable design requirements specified in the Code of Federal Regulations, ANSI, DOT, and ASTM
  • Precision ANSI specified malleable fittings and medium density PE internal parts
  • Durable steel pipe construction
  • Unique design allows for vertical or horizontal installation
  • No internal moving parts during continuous service 


            Download the Brochure

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Meter Set Valves Products

LYCOSAVER Steel Fitting Style

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Outlet SizeInlet Size
1" NPT1" NPT
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LYCOSAVER Swivel Style

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Outlet SizeSwivel Size
1" NPTSprg#1A
1" NPT20LT
1" NPT30LT
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