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LACT Units

Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) units are one of the most critical pieces of equipment in the oil field, designed for unattended custody transfer of crude oil from a seller to a buyer.  LACT units can be used to transfer oil from a tank battery on a well pad into a pipeline or truck, can transfer directly from the bulk separators into a pipeline or can cross dock transfer from a truck to a rail car.  Anywhere crude oil custody is being transferred, a LACT unit is there to analyze, measure and record the transaction.

smart LACT®

Why automate?  Accurate custody transfer requires precise measuremet functions - flow, pressure, temperature, density and BS&W.  The accuracy of these functions are dependent upon the equipment.  The powerful partnership between Lyall and Winn-Marion can provide a complete smart LACT® system to meet your specific requirements.  The smart LACT® uses ABB controls to offer the next level of precision and accuracy needed in custody transfer while providing the flexibility to change as needed based on production requirements. The control interface allows for remote performance monitoring and technical assistance. 

The smart LACT® system is capable of unattended measurement with maintained accuracy of 0.25% for varied applications including pressurizing for a pipeline, multiple wellhead, truck and railcar loading and unloading.  Units are skid mounted and are offered with cold weather packages.

Product Advantages

  • Increased accuracy and reliability through the use of more precise measurements of volume, temperature, density and BS&W
  • Unattended operation by eliminating an on-site operator during delivery. An operator only ndeds to be on site to witness meter proving or perform maintenance
  • Reduced gain/loss cost adjustments
  • Remote access available
  • Customer support from Winn-Marion's expert product assembly or field engineers

System Description

The smart LACT® control panel is the electrical brain of the unit and controls the operation of measurement, control, shutdowns and monitoring of the system.

Application Details

  • Start/stop level or flow control
  • Alarm logging and trending
  • Configurable security levels
  • LEL monitoring/alarming
  • Adjustable sample system
  • Strainer pressure differential monitoring/alarming
  • Proving loop with double check and bleed valve
  • Meter malfunction control
  • VFD controlled pumps

Measurement Accuracy

  • Control panels assembed in a UL-508A listed panel shop
  • All components and service are factory provided and warranted
  • Programmed for easy meter proving that are traceable to the National Institute of Standards Technology (NIST)
  • Each unit is serialized to provide traceability to Material Test Reports and Gauge and Transmitter calibration reports



  • 167,000 square foot dedicated manufacturing footprint within two facilities
  • 6 overhead cranes with capacity up to 12.5 tons
  • 21' x 15' blasting booth
  • 40' x 20' paint booth
  • 2 in-house quality assurance and testing laboratories
  • Indoor truck loading
  • 5,000 gallon re-circulatory pump test fluid system

Manufacturing Support   

  • 3D modeling and engineering drawings
  • Optimization of manufacturing process and costs through design review
  • Quality assurance testing documentation
    • Material Test Data supplied for components and material (i.e. steel)
    • Non-destructive weld test results (third party available)
      • Radiographic (RT)
      • Ultrasonic (UT)
      • Magnetic Particle (MT)
      • Dye Penetrant (PT)
      • Hydrostatic (Glycol/Water) 5,000 PSI max
      • Pressure (500 PSI max)

Production Advantage

As a company that has embraced Lean thinking, Lyall drives the cost out of manufacturing through continual production improvements that eliminate waste, acquiring the proper equipment and creating fixtures and work aids. Repeatable processes improve the quality of the finished product.


Key Features

  • The control interface allows for remote performance monitoring and technical assistance.
  • The use of variable frequency drives on the pumps allows for the output of the Smart LACT® unit to handle the variable loads of real-life applications.
  • All units are shipped tested and ready to install.
  • Full CAD drawings available upon request.
  • Smart LACT® units can be fully customized to meet customer specifications.

Key Specifications

  • Offered in standard sizes of 1000, 2400 and 5000 bpd.
  • Units are skid mounted with an integrated drip pan for warmer areas.
  • Units are fully enclosed in a steel building with or without a separate control room for colder areas.
  • Additional pump can be added in order to bring the crude oil up to pipeline pressures.