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Field Assembled Transition (Anode) Risers - LYCOFIT® Connection

Field Assembled Transition (Anode) Risers - LYCOFIT® Connection

Save Time and Money with Lyall Field Assembled Risers

Lyall Field Assembled Risers with the patented LYCOFIT® connection make for a fast and easy hook-up every single time.


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Key Features

  • Economical - With no heat fusion required, Lyall Field Assembled Risers install in three minutes or less. A compression sleeve comes standard with each riser and connects to a factory welded barbed spigot, which means no additional fittings are required.
  • Safe - The patented LYCOFIT® connection is 100% leak-proof.
  • Versatile - Lyall Field Assembled Risers are available in sizes from ¾” – 2” (IPS).

Key Specifications

  • No Expensive Fusion Equipment Required
  • No Socket Fusion Fittings/Butt Fusion Required
  • No Special PE Pipe Prep
  • No Special Cleaning or Maintenance
  • Zero Chance of First Attempt Leaks
  • Standard Transition Riser Installation Time: 20 minutes
  • Lyall Field Assembled Riser Installation Time: 3 minutes