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How to Find Reliable Suppliers (Part 1) – Gauge Quality

Lyall has been doing business with manufacturing suppliers for a long time—more than 40 years, actually. And that’s plenty long enough to have become quite sure of three things: (1) A supplier can make or break some of your most important business relationships, (2) great, trustworthy suppliers can be tough to find and (3) there are a few sure-fire ways to avoid winding up in partnerships with really bad ones.

Lean Manufacturing Cheat Sheet—Understand Lean Lingo

If you’re involved in the business world these days, you’ve probably heard the word lean a lot—most often in phrases like lean manufacturing, lean production, lean methods, and so on. But if you’re like me several years ago, you’re probably not sure what the buzz is all about. For more than a decade, we at R.W. Lyall have benefitted enormously from taking a lean approach to manufacturing oil and gas pipeline components, so we like to share our knowledge whenever we can. That’s why we put together this quick overview of an incredible lean manufacturing basics article we found on Read on to learn a bit of lean lingo to get you started… and inspired!

3 Ways Lean Manufacturing Is Building a Better World

At Lyall, we’ve been using lean manufacturing practices to build a better company for going on 20 of our almost 50 years in business. So, we’ve seen the impact lean thinking can have on everything from quality of life for our employees to quality of products for our customers. But, what’s even better, we’re starting to see all kinds of ways lean manufacturing is helping make our world a safer and healthier place to live. Here are three ways we think are particularly encouraging.

Natural Gas Projections & Thoughts for the New Year

Since the new year is unfolding this month, we thought it would be a perfect time to check out a few of the more interesting natural gas projections flying around the industry and to share a handful of our own thoughts as we head into 2017. So, here’s a quick rundown of the latest good news (in case you’re looking for a mood boost).

Clean Power Plan Has an Enemy (And It’s Not Big Oil)

By Admin

The Surge let us speak up on the importance of embracing fossil fuels research to support the Clean Power Plan in a recent article 

In the article, titled “5 Reasons wishful thinking is clean energy’s greatest enemy,” our very own Marketing Manager Greg Hernandez boldly drops five “realities” that we believe show that our clean-air future’s most formidable foe isn’t Big Oil, but bad thinking. And these realities are…