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SoCal Lean Manufacturing Tour to Stop by Lyall!

By Admin

Anyone who knows us here at Lyall is aware of how strongly we support lean manufacturing processes; they’re pretty much central to who we are as a company. So you can imagine how excited we were this year to learn we’d been chosen as a featured stop on the AME Southern California Lean Tour for the second time! Not only is this honor very cool in and of itself, but, this year, we get to headline with three of the coolest lean organizations ever. The “Spirit of Rock ‘n’ Roll since 1946,” Fender Musical Instruments Corporation; one of the top health insurance organizations in the state of California, Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP); and a global leader in medical device innovations, Abbott Vascular. We feel very much as though we are eating lunch at the cool kids’ table.


The tour is scheduled for Dec. 2-3, so be sure to check back here at the Lyall blog, because we’ll be posting great images and sharing highlights from the event.

Also, make sure to read our press release!


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