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Santa’s a 6 Sigma Methodology Master

By Admin

So, a couple of years ago at the beginning of the holiday season, we shared a poem called “‘Twas a 5S Christmas,” which turned out to be a really big hit with the Lyall blog readers. Well, this year, we came across an equally awesome article about that same favorite Christmas guy, based on a sister methodology: 6 Sigma.

If you love Christmas and you love lean manufacturing, you’ve got to read this one. You’d be amazed how much you can learn from good ol’ Saint Nick. Well, actually, you might not be all that amazed. After all, I don’t think anyone would disagree that Santa Claus runs the most efficient manufacturing operation in the world, right?

In any case, stir the fire, grab a cup of cocoa, kick back, head over to Jared Munk’s article, “Santa Claus’ Big Secret: Six Sigma Methodology” at Six Sigma Daily, and see what you can learn from the big guy that everybody loves.

Have a Happy, Lean Holiday Season!

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