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‘Nimble Flexibility’ Will Determine Success In The Oil and Gas Pipeline Industry

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We couldn’t be more pleased with the placement of our full-page ad in the most recent issue of Pipeline & Gas Journal. The ad appears right next to an outstanding article by Mark Bridgers, David Shipley and Nate Scott of Continuum Advisory Group. The article, titled, “Nimble By Nature: Pipeline Market In Transition,” discusses the effect of changing market conditions in the pipeline, gathering (midstream) and distribution markets, and how nimble flexibility will be the key to success for companies seeking to benefit from these growing markets.


The authors also talk about incredible expected growth. The article reads, “While spending ebbs and flows, the overall trajectory of this market space has resulted in spending rising from $6.9 billion in 2003 to $43.8 billion in 2014 with a forecast of $65.5 billion in 2020.” This is exciting news for the U.S. economy and for companies like Lyall, who are finding themselves ahead of the game because they’ve been built on the concept of flexibility.

Nimble Flexibility Means Adapting to Market Dynamics

According to the authors, the oil and gas pipeline market space is expected to continue in a state of transition punctuated by disruption. Constantly changing spending drivers, such as edged-up integrity requirements, falling oil prices, pipeline capacity issues and legislative action, promise to keep the oil and gas pipeline industry in a constant state of flux. This means energy firms, pipeline operators and utilities will need to keep a watchful eye on changing market dynamics, and then align themselves with contractors putting out the highest quality and safest products on the market—and putting them out on time.

Nimble Flexibility Means Growing Your Offerings

For companies on the supply chain, keeping up with changing technology and staying updated on the latest discoveries in the field of ecology are more important than ever before—and only promise to grow more critical with time. Like Lyall, these companies will need to adapt their research and development practices based on a comprehensive understanding of the activity drivers in the markets. These practices will have to be highly efficient, flexible (of course) and able to facilitate rapid growth and continual increases in product offerings.

The authors said, “The long-term prospects for gathering, pipeline and distribution markets are extremely good. They are, however, unbalanced in sector, geography and timing. Energy firms, pipeline operators, utilities and contractors that are rigid, short-sighted, backward-looking and traditional will be cut the way rock is cut by running water.”

At Lyall, we’re excited about the ebb and flow of the burgeoning U.S. market and the challenges it will bring. As a company based on flexibility and supported by the efforts of quick thinkers, we’ve been able to increase our product offering substantially over the past year—attracting increasingly more companies to take a closer look at our quality and ability to design and build new products that meet their constantly changing needs. To learn more about our latest offerings, visit our Products Page.