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Material Tracking & Traceability - Lyall's Proactive Approach

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No aspect of natural gas distribution is more important than safety, and one major component of maintaining safety is knowing the type and location of underground gas piping systems. In late 2009, the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) established rules for distribution pipeline systems, which require gas distribution companies to develop written plans that map the location of a company’s underground system as well as detail their risk identification and mitigation strategy.

As a gas pipeline components manufacturer that specializes in developing the safest products in the industry, Lyall has always been proactive on this issue. Our collaborations with various industry stakeholders have resulted in the development of a standardized tracking and traceability encoding system that enables utility customers to collect data and establish a record of location for natural gas pressure components. This tracking system allows for the speedy mitigation of identified risks.

In January 2012, Lyall began shipping gas pressure carrying components marked with the 16-character identifier encoded per ASTM F2897. This Base-62, Tracking & Traceability Encoding System is published as ASTM F2897-2011a.

Lyall Director of New Technology & Compliance Greg Goble, who has presented on the topic of tracking and traceability at several industry conferences and was very involved in the development of the 16-character encoding system, stated, “The safety of our natural gas delivery system has always been of paramount importance to Lyall, and implementation of this new standard throughout the industry is viewed by our company as having very high value.” Greg added “To be able to quickly and precisely identify where and when gas piping assets were installed will someday save a life. This is why Lyall has been a champion of this movement and has applied the ASTM F2897 16-digit tracking code and 2D barcode to all below-ground products since January 2012.”

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