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Lyall Writes ‘Clean Power Plan’ Op-Ed On PennEnergy

By Admin

Top energy publication, PennEnergy, lets us throw in our two cents on natural gas and our clean energy future 

Late last month, PennEnergy published our thoughts on the Clean Power Plan and natural gas. In the article, titled “Clean Power Plan should give more than a nod to natural gas R&D,” our Marketing Manager Greg Hernandez presents a pretty convincing argument for renewing our focus on natural gas in the fight against climate change.

To boil it down, Greg points out that the majority of the world is still using (and plans to keep using) fossil fuels due to their affordability. And, worse, coal is the fastest-growing fuel industry around the globe. Therefore, as we’re developing alternative clean energy technologies, we should also be developing ways to make natural gas burn cleaner. That way, in the interim, poorer nations with high energy demands will have access to affordable clean energy.

In the article, Greg cites research by University of New Hampshire Energy Professor V. K. Mathur, a thought leader on the topic of our planet’s clean energy future. Mathur points to an exciting new carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) technology being developed by a New England company, FuelCell Energy, as a possible solution to the problem.

Curious to learn more? Read the full article here, and check out FuelCell's Carbon Capture Schematic below.



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