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Custom Pig Launchers and Receivers Simplify the DIMP Process

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For companies in the oil and gas industry, pig launchers and receivers have become a very important component to support compliance with the Gas Distribution Integrity Management Program (DIMP) since it went into effect in 2010. The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) mandates DIMP to educate buyers on the level of quality and the features they need to look for in pipeline components. Engineers use pipeline inspection gauges, or “pigs,” to perform functions like cleaning and inspecting pipelines and separating different types of fluid within them. As the entry and exit points of the pigs into and out of the pipeline during pigging operations, the launchers and receivers act as safety gates to prevent leaks and explosions.

Understanding the importance of these pipeline components, Lyall’s engineers and technicians fabricate the company’s pig launchers and receivers, which are used primarily for gas gathering, transmission pipelines, and distribution mains, based on extreme quality control guidelines.

“The level of quality control we incorporate is extremely high—requiring a lot of time and a lot of extra effort on the part of our team,” said Paul Lange, director of operations at the Wisconsin facility. “But our people embrace it because it is part of our culture of total quality and they are dedicated to making the safest and highest quality products out there.”

As part of their efforts to maintain this stringent level of quality, Lyall operates a Wisconsin manufacturing facility equipped with the latest technology to construct fully customizable pig launchers and receivers from 4” to 24”. The facility is equipped with six overhead, 12.5-ton capacity cranes, a 21’ by 15’ blasting booth, a 40’ by 20’ paint booth, an in-house quality assurance and testing lab, indoor truck loading, and a 5,000-gallon re-circulatory pump test fluid system. To support the manufacture of the launchers and receivers, Lyall’s engineers and technicians utilize 3D modeling and engineering drawings. The company also optimizes the manufacturing process and costs through design review, quality assurance testing documentation, the use of material test data for components and materials, and in-house and third-party non-destructive weld testing.

Lyall can manufacture pig launchers and receivers for virtually any project, from simple barrel launcher designs to complete skid-mounted units with associated equipment, including actuated valves, quick-opening closures, instrumentation, signalers, and control systems. The customizability of Lyall’s products is the foundation of not just the products’ quality and efficiency but also safety for the end user and the environment.

To learn more about Lyall’s pig launcher and receiver manufacturing designs and philosophy, visit our Pig Launchers and Receivers products page.