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Clean Power Plan Has an Enemy (And It’s Not Big Oil)

By Admin

The Surge let us speak up on the importance of embracing fossil fuels research to support the Clean Power Plan in a recent article 

In the article, titled “5 Reasons wishful thinking is clean energy’s greatest enemy,” our very own Marketing Manager Greg Hernandez boldly drops five “realities” that we believe show that our clean-air future’s most formidable foe isn’t Big Oil, but bad thinking. And these realities are…


  • Reality #1 – Use of fossil fuels is growing around the world despite efforts to transition to cleaner fuels
  • Reality #2 – The current clean-air movement is expecting to see major change much too quickly
  • Reality #3 – The fear of fossil fuels is holding us back from achieving a clean-air future
  • Reality #4 – The U.S. could be spending Clean Power Plan funds much more efficiently by taking a global perspective and investing in fossil fuel research
  • Reality #5 – CCS Technology is likely our golden ticket


Admit it: You’re interested! So go check out Greg’s full article on The Surge. You just might walk away ready to invest in CCS tech, and that might be a very good thing.


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