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4 Steps to Successful Supply Chain Partnerships [Infographic]

We’ve been doing business in the natural gas industry for more than 40 years, which means we’ve had a lot of time to figure out the inner workings of the often-elusive world of supply chain partnerships. Many of the companies we work with today—our contractors and those we supply—have been with us for the duration, so we like to think we have a thing or two to share with businesses out there who want to set themselves up in the kinds of partnerships that will go the distance. That’s why we put together this infographic, a simple 4-step research process to help you choose wisely before you sign on the dotted line.

Shattering the Myths of Lean Manufacturing

After reading a recent LA Biz article discussing how lean manufacturing has a serious PR problem these days due to common misconceptions, we thought it might be a good idea to help get the word out about the enormous benefits of this approach to business. At Lyall, we’ve practiced lean manufacturing for 15 years, which has allowed us to strengthen a successful and growing company run by happy and successful employees. Following is a short breakdown of what lean manufacturing means, as well as some of the common myths regarding the approach.