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5 Takeaways for a Successful Facility Tour

By Admin

Last month, we held a facility tour as a pre-summit session for the Midwest Energy Association (MEA) Gas Operations Technical & Leadership Summit. Our attendee evaluations just rolled in, so we thought we’d go through and tease out any info that might be helpful to those planning their own facility tour in the near future. So here’s are our top 5 takeaways:


#1 Organization

Several respondents mentioned that the organization of the tour was a big plus. Based on this group, you could say that people really appreciate a tour that seems “practiced” rather than one that has a last-minute, Keystone-Cops kind of feel to it. An easy way to achieve a practiced air is to… well… practice! A day or two before the scheduled tour, hold a “dress rehearsal” so the presenters, guides and anyone else involved won’t be going in blind. One or two practice runs will help you identify any holes or issues before rather than during (eh gads!) the tour.

#2 Sound Quality

Though our evaluations were glowing overall, a couple of attendees did say they had trouble hearing the presenters speak at a couple of the tour stops. One of these folks very helpfully suggested the use of headset microphones—something he’d seen used at a recent tour of a different facility.

#3 The Presenters

Attendees really noticed the appearance and general attitudes of the tour stop presenters and guides. While this is sort of a given, we thought it was interesting that the evaluators noticed and commented on details like clothing, professionalism, friendliness and expressed sense of pride in the company. So when choosing the employees to head up your facility tour, be sure to consider more than just level of knowledge. After all, a tour stop speech can be taught, genuineness cannot.

#4 Added Value

Adding value to the package is always a good idea, whether you’re dealing with products or facility tours. And, according to our group, networking was definitely the most valuable extra we provided. At the conclusion of the tour, we gathered everyone up in a big room with food, drinks and plenty of conversation, and just let them have at it. Not only did this allow us to connect with the tour attendees on a much more personal level, it opened up the event for great networking opportunities.

#5 The VIP Treatment

This was a big winner, as you can imagine. According to this group, nice touches like giving away marketing collateral and offering good food and lots of smiles can really make a lasting, positive impression. Above all, at the end of the tour, you want each attendee to walk away feeling as though they’re an extremely valued guest, which is, after all, what they truly are!


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