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4 Ways We Define Leadership from a Lean Perspective

The Lyall team has been working together for over 50 years now. And for 21 of those years, we’ve been traveling together on our lean manufacturing journey. We’ve learned a lot along the way, but one the most important things we’ve picked up is how important it is to never forget the people amid the process.

After all, great lean processes don’t just happen; they require great people who operate like great leaders, regardless of their position in the organization. Following is a quick four-point breakdown explaining how we define leadership from a lean perspective at Lyall.

Pigging Supplies — What Pig Launchers & Receivers Do

By Admin

Pipeline pigging has to be one of the strangest (and most interesting) job names in the natural gas distribution industry. Pig launchers and receivers, two of the more common pigging supplies used in the industry, sound a lot more like something out of Angry Birds than pipeline operations.

How to Find Reliable Suppliers (Part 2) – Risk Mitigation

We promised, and we delivered! Welcome to Part 2 in our series dedicated to helping businesses pick the best, most reliable suppliers around. As we mentioned in Part 1, over the past 40 years doing business with manufacturing suppliers, we’ve come to understand three important truths: (1) A supplier can make or break some of your most important business relationships, (2) great, trustworthy suppliers can be tough to find and (3) there are a few sure-fire ways to avoid winding up in partnerships with really bad ones.