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Manufacturing Excellence

The Lyall Business System (LBS) is an operations based, systematic approach to driving out waste while providing industry leading quality products and services to our customers.  The LBS is based upon the Toyota Production System and is the heart and soul of our organization.  Our 250 manufacturing professionals deploy the LBS and Continuous Improvement philosophy on a daily basis from the factory floors to the administrative offices. This assures stable process management that results in leading operational metrics and a quality experience for our team members and customers. 

Our Continuous Improvement accomplishments have been recognized by many and have been included in numerous newspaper and magazine articles and books relating to operational and manufacturing excellence.  Our doors are always open to organizations interested in deploying a lean production model. Lean tours are given almost weekly to associations, universities and other companies dedicated to operational and manufacturing excellence.

Lyall Business System

  • Purpose
    • Personal, professional and financial growth for all
  • Alignment of Aim
    • One shared goal
  • Body of Knowledge
    • Internal Yellow, Green and Black Belt instruction and certification
  • Toyota Production System
    • Continuous improvement through lean manufacturing practices
  • ISO-9001
    • Two registered facilities
  • Quality Management System
    • Product tracking and traceability through documented Material Test Reports (MTR)
  • Demand Generation
    • Targeted sales and marketing processes
  • Openness
    • Integrity, Trust and Collaboration

ISO Registration

Lyall continually strives to maintain our reputation of quality leadership within our industry and is highly regarded as an innovator in product design, reliability and safety.  To emphasize our commitment to this effort, we maintain ISO-9001 registration in both facilities we operate with our Corona facility now registered to the most current standard of ISO 9001:2015. You can view the certificate of registration here.

Tracking & Traceability

The ability to identify what is buried underground has become increasingly important. In Late 2009, (PHMSA) Pipeline Hazards Materials Safety Association established rules for Distribution Pipeline Systems which require written plans be developed  that result in gas utilities knowing what is installed in their system in an effort to understand and mitigate risks. Lyall has taken a lead role in this issue and has been involved from the very early stages working collaboratively with industry stake holders in the development of the standardized Tracking & Traceability encoding system. In fact, we began shipping gas pressure carrying components marked with the 16 character identifier encoded per ASTM F2897 in January, 2012. This Base-62, 16 character Tracking & Traceability Encoding System is published as ASTM F2897-2011a.

Product Performance and Certification

As part of our robust quality management system, all Lyall products are manufactured to the highest quality standards in the industry and are designed to meet or exceed the minimum required specifications and/or standards set forth by the following governing bodies: